Waterpark Rules

General Rules for Entire Waterpark Facility:

All season pass holders must have their barcode to enter the facility.  If they do not have their barcode they have three choices: pay the daily fee, purchase a new barcode ($5.00) or find their lost pass.

Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drugs are strictly prohibited from the Splash Central Waterpark.

No one is allowed to enter under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

No glass containers or similar materials with a tendency to shatter on impact allowed.

No running, boisterous or rough play, splashing, dunking, tube flipping, towel snapping, or profanity is permitted in the aquatic center area including the locker rooms.

No domestic animals allowed.

No person with or suspected of having a communicable disease which could be transmitted through the use of the pool shall work at or use any public facility.

No outside food or coolers are permitted.

No Street clothes allowed.

Life jackets are permitted as long as they are US Coastguard approved and will be checked upon entering the Waterpark.

All children wearing life jackets must be in arms length reach of a parent or guardian at all times.

No accessories, including life jackets, goggles, sunglasses, water shoes, watches and jewelry are allowed to be worn on the slides or the Wibit Obstacle Course.

No swimmer under 48 inches is allowed down the slides.

Tubes need to be put back in the tube corrals when you are done using them.

There needs to be one person on a one person tube, and two people on a two person tube at all times.

Everyone must be inside of a tube while in the lazy river. No one is allowed to walk beside a tube.

Flipping tubes is not allowed.

Toys are not allowed in the water.

Locker/Shower Room Rules:
  • All swimmers shall be required to shower before entering the swimming area.
  • No “horseplay” is permitted in the locker room.
  • All cell phone use is prohibited inside the locker/shower rooms.
Family Change Locker/Shower Rooms:
  • Families with children under the age of 8 are allowed to use the Family Change Rooms.

Concession Stand Rules:

  • Outside food and beverage are not permitted inside the Splash Central Waterpark.
  • Food items may be purchased from the concession stand.  Please consume these items in the designated concession area.
  • Food items are not allowed in the locker rooms, or deck areas immediately surrounding the pools.
Pool Area Rules:
  • All children under 8 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at least 16 years of age.
  • Swim diapers are required and sold at the front desk and concession stand for any child who is not potty trained; patrons are required to use the locker/shower room’s facilities to change diapers.
  • No person with any considerable area of exposed epidermal tissue, cuts, or known or recognizable contagious or communicable diseases, cough, cold, open sores, blisters, bandaged wound, fever, inflammation of the eyes, nasal or ear discharges, shall be allowed to enter the pool water.
  • No spitting, spouting water from the mouth and blowing the nose in the pool.
  • Diving is allowed only is designated areas.
  • All patrons are required to wear acceptable swimwear: no thong swimsuits allowed.  Street clothing is not permitted in the water except for T-shirt over their swimsuit to protect from sunburn.  NO cutoffs allowed; all shorts must be hemmed.
  • Swimmers must stay off the lifeguard chairs at all times.  Conversing with lifeguards should be kept to a minimum.  Immediately report all emergencies to a lifeguard.
  • Swimmers must stay off the ropes at all times and will not be allowed to play on the ladders, slide stairs or with rescue equipment.
  • Swimmers should face ladders when entering or leaving the water.  The ladders must not be used for diving or sitting or as parallel bars.
  • Standing or sitting on other swimmers’ shoulders is not permitted.
  • For your child’s safety water wings are not allowed.  Lifejackets are encouraged for non-swimmers but are not allowed on water slides or the deep-end of the pool.  Life jackets must be coast guard approved.
  • Goggles are not allowed on the slides, wibit or diving boards.
  • Goggles with a built in nose piece are not allowed.
  • Towels are to be kept out of the water at all times.
  • Each patron is responsible for articles brought in to the pool area and for their removal; no chairs may be brought in.
  • In case of emergency, or at safety breaks, all swimmers will evacuate the pool and the pool area immediately. 
  • No swimming when lifeguard is not present or after hours.
  • Use of the pool shall be prohibited during an electrical storm.
  • Injuries should be immediately reported to a lifeguard, Aquatics Manager, or the Central Park Manager.
  • Failure to follow the rules can result in serious injury and may result in a patron being required to leave the pool, pool area and surrounding premises.

Riders must be in good health, elderly persons, those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or using prescription medication should consult a physician before using slides.  Individual with medical conditions including, but not limited to pregnancy, heart, or back problems should not ride.

WARNING:  Failure to follow rules can result in serious injury or removal from pool area. 

Splash Central Waterpark Season Passes are non-refundable.  Swim at your own risk.

The City of Huron and/or the Splash Central Waterpark is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

Splash Central Waterpark has the authority to add, edit or change rules at any given time.