How can I get my street or alley paved?

Many neighborhoods have decided that they would like to have a paved street. The City does not pay for the improvements; however, it will provide many of the services needed to reduce the costs to adjacent landowners. The neighborhood must circulate a petition to adjacent landowners to find out who is interested in paying for the improvements. The petition must contain consent from property owners' with 50% or more of the property abutting a street, or the owners of 75% of the property abutting an alley before submitting the petition. If more than one block is requested the petition needs 50% of the TOTAL front footage. The petition shall be turned in to the Finance Officer when completed. The City Engineering Department will survey, design, and bid on the project. The landowners are responsible for the payment. Payment can be made with one lump sum payment or amortized over 10 years. For residential areas, the payment is approximately $60 per front foot. The City Standards for residential are 6 to 8 inches gravel, and 3 inches asphalt (greater thickness for commercial or industrial areas).

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1. How can I get my street or alley paved?
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