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HCC is continuing its two-year Associate's Degree in General Education (PDF). All general education courses will be offered through Northern State University at a cost of only $40 per credit hour. Registration is open until the first day of class. To take advantage of our general education course rate of $40 per credit hour, contact HCC at 605-353-8518 or via email.

The Huron Community Campus (HCC) will continue to emphasize its largest, most popular program with our Associate's Degree in General Education. We have also made several other options available in order for students to accomplish their educational goals.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

This form is for students who wish to take classes online or at Huron Community Campus without applying for admission. Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Masters Degree in Education Program

Huron Community Campus is offering a Master's Degree in Education through Northern State University at a 75% discount on tuition. This program will run for two years beginning Fall 2014 and ending Summer 2016. The degree consists of 35 credits (9 required classes, 2 elective classes and an internship). Students can transfer up to 9 hours into the program including ENL endorsement credits earned previously. The cost of the program is $150 per credit hour ($5,250 total over the two-year length of the program). The same program costs $414.85 per credit hour at the other South Dakota public universities, and much more at private universities. The Huron program offers a minimum savings of over $11,000 on tuition (75% discount). This program is federal financial aid eligible for those who qualify.

Don't miss this opportunity - HCC will not offer this program again for at least five years. The Nordby Family Foundation is the major sponsor and this program would not be offered without their support and leadership. Other organizations that helped make this program possible include the Huron University Foundation, Huron Community Foundation, and the United Way Heartland Region. For more information contact Huron Community Campus.