Welcome to the HPL Kids' Korner! 

A fun place for all children up to 3rd grade.

Kids Korner

The Kids' Korner is where all the excitement begins. You can find board games, toys, puzzles, crafts, and much more here. 

For our early explorers, parents can choose from thousands of colorful books, DVDs, and audiobooks including the popular VOX Books.  We offer a wide selection of picture and level reader books, board and chapter books, graphic novels, juvenile non-fiction titles, kids' magazines, and even mystery book bags. Children can also safely play online games or just surf the world wide web on our CIPA-compliant computers. 

Also, please make sure to check our calendar often for upcoming events and free programs. 

Note: Due to limited space some programs and events may require registration. 

October 4, 2023 Early Release Wednesday

1000 Books banner

A program that encourages families to read 1,000 books with their children before they enter kindergarten.

The simple and enjoyable act of sharing books will help your child learn pre-reading skills, understand the sounds letters make, develop a more extensive vocabulary, and build knowledge that helps prepare your child to enter kindergarten!