Support Us

City of Huron

The Huron Public Library maintains an annual operating budget and receives financial support from public funds available through the City of Huron to provide many free-of-charge materials and services. The Library wants to thank the mayor, the city commissioners, and all residents for their unwavering support.

Memorials & Donations

The Library established a fund to accept public monetary donations. Monetary gifts given without restrictions will be utilized to purchase materials or equipment, support library programs, or, in other ways the Library Board deems appropriate. Monetary gifts offered with restrictions, including endowment funds, require Library Board approval.

For more information, contact the Library Director, Angela Bailey, at 605-353-8530.

Local Partnerships

The Huron Public Library forms partnerships with local organizations and businesses whose missions align with that of the library to supplement and expand programs, resources, and services for the community of Huron. This partnership may be in the form of donations, grants, or volunteer help.