Yard Waste

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Yard Waste

  • A Green Yard Waste Container may be purchased from the City for $81.47. After the one-time purchase fee, there are no additional charges for the collection. These containers are owned by the purchaser and may be taken with them when they move.
  • Collection. Yard waste collection runs from May through October. Yard waste will be picked up the same day as your garbage but with a separate truck. Locate your residence on the color-coded Garbage Collection Map (PDF) to determine the day of your yard waste pickup using the color key for the map.
  • Contents. Yard waste is to consist of grass, leaves, and garden vegetation that is to be placed loose (un-bagged) in the green container. Pet waste and branches (no thicker than 3 inches in diameter) can also be placed loose in the containers. However, the branches must be placed in a way to prevent obstructing the rest of the material in the container so that all of the waste is able to pass through the container when being emptied. The lid must also be able to close completely. No plastic bags, furniture items or household garbage! Do not pack yard waste into the containers, as this may result in some grass being left in the bottom after being dumped.
  • Green Container Placement. Containers shall be located on the premises, adjacent to the alley, so as to be accessible from the alley without obstruction. Where no alley is adjacent to the premises, containers shall be placed on the boulevard parkway on the day of collection and removed from said boulevard within 24 hours of being emptied. Containers must be placed no farther than 8 feet from the alley or curb and 3 feet from any obstacles. The handle must face toward the house with no obstructions around, above, or in front of the container. Obstructions such as vehicles, buildings, fences, structural overhangs, guidelines, overhead power lines, and trees must also be taken into consideration with the placement of containers. During winter conditions this will also include snow (drifts and windrows). The containers must be placed so that the collectors do not have to exit their trucks to reposition the can for pick up with the automated arms. If you do not have any yard waste to be picked up or if the collection season has ended, please remove your container from the pickup area.

Drop-off Site

Residents may dispose of yard waste at no charge at the city's drop-off site located east of the James River Bridge on 3rd Street SE and north of the rubble site: the area indicated by the Red Dot on the Garbage Collection Map (PDF). This site is well marked with signs and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yard waste consists of grass, leaves, garden vegetations, pet waste, and branches no larger than 3 inches in diameter. Bags must be emptied and the bags placed in the dumpster provided. Please help maintain this privilege by following these guidelines. If you see someone violating this privilege please attempt to obtain the vehicle's license number and immediately call the Huron Police Department at 605-353-8550. Please, no other materials at this site!

Compost Purchase

The City of Huron uses yard waste such as trees, grass, branches, and manure along with bio-degradable oils from LSI to create some of the best organic soil amendment you can buy. It is called Great Plains Classic Compost and you can purchase it at the city's Rubble Site, 1901 9th Street SE.

Great Plains Classic Compost (PDF)